Powering Sol-Chip Efficiently

“I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with Meirav on numerous occasions, each experience reaffirming her unwavering professionalism and exceptional skills. As a genuine marketing specialist, Meirav has made a meaningful, transformative impact on Sol-Chip’s journey.

In a brief period, Meirav led Sol-Chip’s rebranding with her top-notch team, employing an efficient result-oriented approach, and creating a lean yet powerful branding kit. This included a compelling branding strategy, impressive visual language, a clear investor presentation, and an elevated website, all enhancing our global positioning.

Meirav’s influence also extended to upgrading our materials and profiles on social platforms like LinkedIn, providing focused assets and insightful tips. This played an important role in crafting our corporate image.

More than a consultant, Meirav is a creative force, a passionate advocate, and a reliable specialist. Her adaptability and precision have been instrumental in our success.”

Teddy Golan, CEO, Sol-Chip


Investors Presentation

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