Our voyage to success

“Meirav and her team of experts helped us to create and fulfill our strategic marketing plan, which led us to new opportunities and recognition. 

We came to MKB with a large concept – a full re-branding of Greenfield and a short timeline to accomplish it. Meirav’s team helped us to not only create a story that resonated (including a slogan, new messaging, and logo) but also a look and feel that positioned us as outstanding, in spite of the challenging deadlines we had.  We decided to rebrand the company to match our major offering – Cloudonix (a Greenfield spin-off), this time with a wider scope of deliverables, and once again, the results were beyond our expectations with very good feedback from the market. 

Last but not least, MKB built and executed a strategic marketing plan with an optimal blend of channels, including innovative ideas. This led to increased exposure and leads generation, as well as optimal positioning as opinion leaders and influencers in the market.”.

Nir Simionovich, CEO, Cloudonix

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